New to Crew?

The sport of team rowing –crew, for short- involves teamwork, passion, endurance and mental discipline. Crew will challenge you, the athlete, both as a team member and as an individual. Crew does not require you to catch or throw balls, pucks, skeets or lawn darts, thereby making it accessible to nearly everyone. Artists row crew. Band members row crew. Track stars row crew. Basketball players row crew, and you can too.

What do you do in Crew?

We row in the fall and spring seasons. A crew of 8 athletes row in long, lightweight boats called a shell. The rowing shell is led by the coxswain (pronounced cox-sin) who steers the boat and sets the pace.

Weather determines where we practice, but normally, we meet at the boathouse right after school. We do set up rowing machines and practice in the band room on foul weather days.

Autumn regattas (rowing races) are long-distance events where boats compete for the best time. Spring regattas are shorter, where the first boat to cross the finish line wins.

Regattas are eating festivals where athletes carry boats around on shore and row on the water once in a while.