Queen City Ice Breaker Challenge Ergatta

Manchester Central High School’s Central Crew Club will be hosting the Queen City Ice Breaker Challenge Ergatta in association with Trinity High School, at Trinity High School on Saturday, March 24, 2018.  The event is currently looking for sponsors.

The Central Crew Club is a significant athletic team at Manchester’s Central High School, competing in both fall and spring seasons and has nearly 60 young men and women participating.  The club receives no public money and is completely self funded.  The experience of competitive rowing allows our athletes to work together as a team and prepares them for the world.  It also opens many doors for them.  Many of our students go on to compete at the college level and we are proud of the many full and partial scholarships our rowers receive.

Our Queen City Ice Breaker Challenge was the first indoor rowing event in NH.  It is one of our major fund raising events that allow us to make this program available to some who cannot otherwise afford it.  Many of the athletes are completely or partially subsidized by the club.  We also have equipment that needs to be maintained, a coaching staff, and expenses related to races.

Please look at our sponsorship opportunities attached.  Any and all donations are gladly accepted. Please note that our club is a registered non-profit and your support is tax deductible.