Code of Conduct

Central Crew Team Member Expectations:

“Nothing works unless we do”

Every team member has an important role to play and the coaches and your teammates expect your best in all things. We expect everyone to give an effort that is beyond his or her current talents. We expect everyone to exhibit the highest moral character as an athlete, student, family member and young citizen.

Team members should arrive to every practice on time, mentally prepared for practice, with weather appropriate clothing for both land and water practice. Tardy, ill-prepared arrivals communicate a lack of dedication to coaches and teammates. Likewise athletes are expected to remain at practice until the team is dismissed.

Athletes please use personalized reusable, water bottles. Put a sock on your bottle to prevent damage to the interior of the boat.

Bags and personal items must be stored in the Central team shed. Cell phones are not allowed during practice–leave them in your bag. Put your name on all your stuff!

Every team member is expected to help with all the work required to prepare for practice: staging oars, outfitting coaching launches getting launches into and out of the water, assembling warm up equipment, picking up all personal possessions and trash every day.

Everyone is expected to perform all assigned warm-ups and workouts with a positive attitude, to the best of their ability with full attention and focus. Anything less than your best limits your improvement and holds back your boat-mates.

The Coxswain is responsible for the safety of the practice. You will listen to, and respect, the directions given by the Coxswain. During practice the Coxswain is the only person talking.

The Coaches expect all team members to ask questions, ask for feedback or clarifications. If you don’t understand something ask. There are no dumb questions.

As a team, we have zero tolerance for harassment, cliques or rumors, talking behind people’s backs and negative talk are not acceptable, at practice, at school or at home, in-person, online on the phone or text. Please bring any related issues to the attention of the coaches immediately.

Central Crew Club is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Manchester NH.