Welcome to Central Crew!

Central Crew Club is a co-ed rowing club affiliated with Manchester NH’s Central High School. Our group has approximately 60 members and rows in spring and summer. Crew is recognized as the ultimate team sport with great pride, great coaches, great families and great athletes!

Are you new to crew or just thinking about joining the team?  Check out our getting started pages and take a look at the photo gallery. Be sure to register for the upcoming season, and don't be afraid to ask questions, we're happy to help.

Spring registration is now open

Registration is now open.
Paperwork and payment due by March 1.
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Need paperwork?

Download it here:


All rowers, new or returning, must sign the US Rowing waiver before attending practice.

Go to https://rosters.usrowing.org
Enter club code: 3LTCG
Enter your last name and birthdate.

Returning Athletes- if multiple choices for your name appear, select the full membership option and fill in the waiver portion (no payment is needed).

NOTE: After registration, USRowing asks you some safety questions. These questions will not affect your registration. If you are a new rower, it's impossible to answer correctly.