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Central Crew Club is a co-ed rowing club affiliated with Manchester NH’s Central High School. Our group has approximately 60 members and rows in spring and summer. Crew is recognized as the ultimate team sport with great pride, great coaches, great families and great athletes!

Fall Registration is Now Open

Paperwork and payment is overdue! We are still waiting for paperwork from several rowers. We will be in touch (you know who you are)
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Are you new to crew or just thinking about joining the team?  Check out our getting started pages and take a look at the photo gallery. Be sure to register for the upcoming season, and don't be afraid to ask questions, we're happy to help.

Need paperwork?

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Fall Schedule

Sept 13

Concord Regatta 2015 

Sept 19

CRI Fall Classic

Sept 26

Water Works Challenge

Oct 4

Textile Regatta

Oct 11

NH Champs

Nov 1

Head of the Fish


Cash Calendars Due 10/11

Please remember to get out there and support your club! This is a Win - Win for everyone! Someone you know will win $$ and we all stay on the water!

Coaches Corner

Hello Everyone. 

For the race this Saturday, this is the race schedule.

Rowers to arrive at 7:30 am

Trailer loading by 8:30  

Women's 4+ 10:25

 Men's 8+ 10:35

Men's 4+ 12:10

Women's 8+ 12:15

Should be a quick day of races.  

Please make sure to check the weather and plan accordingly.  

Better to have and not need than to need and note have. 

The address for parking and the trailer location will be sent out as soon as we have commitment on the location.