Registering for Central Crew’s seasonal rowing programs is a three-step process. All rowers must complete the full paperwork packet for Fall Season.

1. Reserve a spot using the online form below.

2. Download CentralCrew-FullRegistration that you’ll need to send in prior to practice.

You will not be allowed to participate until your paperwork is submitted.

Mail to:
Central Crew Club
c/o Karen Langella
41 Pleasant St
Hooksett, NH 03106

3. Send us payment of $395 for the season. This is due by September 7th at Parent Meeting.Forms/Waivers are due prior to practice.

4. New to the Club? You will need to register with US Rowing, the governing body of our sport. This ensures that you’re able to compete in regattas.
** US Rowing registrations expire December 31, 2016. Athletes that participated in the Spring 2016 season are currently registered.

First, click on the US Rowing on-line waiver link:

Enter club code: 3LTCG
Enter your last name and birthdate…
Use an email address that is easily accessible and the
password ABC123 there is a charge of $5.95 per waiver

Fall practice schedule & Twitter notifications

Central Crew Club Practice Schedule Fall 2016

Practice starts August 22nd at the Amoskeag boat house in Hooksett.

Practice times at the river:Monday – Friday 3:15pm to 5:45pm (Coach Mike will be on site at 3:00pm through pick up)

Saturday 7:45am to 11:00am (Coaches will schedule on needs basis)

** There may be a change in practice schedule for the week of August 29th due to band camp we will post any changes as soon as possible.

Everyone must sign up for Twitter and follow :

Central Crew Club


This is how Coaches communicate changes in daily schedule.


Text Coach’s Mike Shields at (603) 496-7243 or Coach Anna O’Connell (603) 391- 9869