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Central Crew is a competitive club sport that provides an opportunity for Manchester-area high school students to participate in the sport of rowing, the oldest chronicled sport in the world. Well over 60 rowers and their families comprise Central Crew, making it one of the largest sports teams at the high school. 

No experience is required to join Central Crew. We accept athletes throughout the greater Manchester area, and the team includes a strong contingent of Trinity High School students.  Central Crew team has competed successfully at the state, regional and national levels since 2001. Looking for a good introduction to rowing? Contact us, maybe try one of our introductory summer programs!

Summer learn-to-row programs for students entering 7th grade or older and new to the sport of rowing. In addition to rowing skills, participants will experience all aspects of being part of a rowing team, including water safety, strength, mobility and flexibility training. Sessions will include instruction and practice on land, but most of the time will be in rowing shells on the water with coaches in safety launches.

Spring Banquet

Our Spring dinner banquet will be held on Wednesday, June 1 at 6:00-8:30 pm, Puritan Conference Center. Senior video presentation and award certificates in celebration of Central Crew Team.
Families are encouraged to attend, $18 pp, senior rowers (no charge)
Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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Spring Registration is Open

New Spring Rowers need to submit a complete registration package. If you rowed in the Fall 2015 Season you should be all set.

Need paperwork?

Download it here:

Are you new to crew or just thinking about joining the team?  Check out our getting started pages and take a look at the photo gallery. Be sure to register for the upcoming season, and don't be afraid to ask questions, we're happy to help.

Spring schedule:

March 19


March 14

Spring Practice

May 7

Derryfield at ARC 

 May 14

 Lowell Invitational


Medford Regatta

May 28

Crimson Cup

June 5

Sleigh Cup


Please visit our sponsors and consider them when looking for services!

Coaches Corner

Attention! Novice rowers will be having a swim test on Friday April 8 at 3:00 at the YMCA on Elm St.

Common Rowing Injuries

Prevention and Treatment


Coxswain = leadership opportunity

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And if your child is a big personality in a small body, he or she might consider becoming a coxswain (pronounced "cox'n"). One of the most unique jobs in sports, the "cox" is not equipped with an oar but is rather the captain of his or her boat, in charge of everything from getting it in and out of the water, executing the race plan, providing in-race tactical adjustments and coaching cues, as well as extracting maximum performance from the crew.

A great coxswain isn't simply someone who is 'bossy,  A great coxswain knows when to motivate, when to push, when to praise, and when to demand more.

Coxes are a vital part of any crew's success, and coxing provides one of the best opportunities for a teen to develop leadership skills, while for many kids it opens up a whole new world of athletics where small stature is actually an advantage. 

(To get a taste of what coxing a Championship junior race is like, this recording does a brilliant job.)