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Central Crew Club is a co-ed rowing club affiliated with Manchester NH’s Central High School. Our group has approximately 60 members and rows in spring and summer. Crew is recognized as the ultimate team sport with great pride, great coaches, great families and great athletes!

Fall Registration is Now Open

Registration is now open.
Paperwork and payment due by Aug 10th.
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Are you new to crew or just thinking about joining the team?  Check out our getting started pages and take a look at the photo gallery. Be sure to register for the upcoming season, and don't be afraid to ask questions, we're happy to help.

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Fall Schedule

Sept 26

     Water Works Challenge

Oct 4

Textile Regatta

Oct 11

NH Champs

Oct 18

   Head of the Charles

Nov 1

Head of the Fish

Coaches Corner

Hello Central Crew!

We are passing the half way point of summer vacation.  I wanted to touch base and say hello as we begin to approach our time on the water again.  
Time spent away from crew shouldn't be time spent away from fitness.  Lets all make sure that we are staying on track to start the season off from a place of fitness.  I am attaching the post set sheet.  This isn't required to be completed, nor is there any mandatory involvement, but staying in shape aids in boat placement earlier in the season. and the less work we need to do on fitness the more we can do on technique.  If you are already strong, I can spend more time making you fast.  Take a look over the post set sheet and try a few.  Even one a week will help you keep that high level of fitness that we achieved the end of last season.  Grab a buddy and tackle a post set.
 Our fitness level is key.  Let's work on it together!
Secondly is NASCAR.  Let me just say how happy I am at the turn out we had sign up.  It means a lot to me personally, as well as to the whole crew that we are this involved even in the off season.  The money raised from this one event will help with upkeep on our equipment as well as help take some of the pressure off the finances early in the season.  Thank you.  If you didn't get to sign up for this one, I will be expecting you at the next one.  We hit our goal on this fundraiser, so let's set the bar a little higher on the next.  My goal 100% participation from the crew as well as friends and family!
We all want new equipment.  Let's earn it together!
 Next, the practice schedule will be announced near the beginning of August.  Until school starts the practices will be optional, but highly recommended.  If you're finishing a summer job, class, or vacation go have fun.  But be sure you return to practice ready to practice, ready to row, and ready to push yourself.  Remember, each moment on the water before school begins is a moment that the stresses of school will not creep into your minds.  Pure and productive practice time makes a stronger foundation from which we can build.
Our mental game needs to be sharp to succeed.  Let's get focused together!
Last but not least:  We made great strides last season towards improving our rowing, improving our culture, and improving our results.  As my coach was fond of saying, "it is easier to keep a wheel spinning than it is to start a wheel spinning".  We have done the hard part.  We have started our wheels of success in motion.  This season we will keep that wheel turning faster and faster.  Everyone on this team from novice to senior, from parent to coach has a part to play in keeping our momentum.  Let's hit the ground running (or hit the water rowing) and see where our new discipline, aggressive goals, and supportive crew culture can take us.  
 The sky is the limit this season.  Let's reach for it together!
See you soon, and enjoy your summer.  
Coach Zack